The Home Buying Process

The Agreement for Sale
Once you have chosen your home, your Sales Manager will provide you with a draft of the Agreement for Sale to be signed with us. Should you so desire, he will also make available documents pertaining to the title of the land that establish our right to develop the property. In addition, you are welcome to view all the statutory approvals that we have obtained for developing the property at any convenient time at our office. Once you are fully satisfied with these you should then proceed to execute the Agreement for Sale which lays down the rights and obligations of each party.

Finalizing Your Options
Your Sales Manager will advise you of the various options that you can select from for your new home as well as the important deadlines for making your selections. Well in advance of these deadlines, your Sales Manager will schedule an appointment to make your selections. Please dedicate sufficient time to discuss and debate the various options before finalizing your choices.

Construction Schedule
There are a number of factors that could affect the time taken to complete your home. These could be municipal approvals, weather, material availability etc. We cannot determine the exact date of completion at the outset, but can provide you with a range of dates. As construction progresses, we will provide you periodic updates. We also encourage you to visit the site whenever you can to see the progress for yourself, but please do follow all the safety instructions of our site engineers.

Walk Through
Before you take possession of your new home, you will be asked to attend an orientation program with a representative from our Construction Department. The purpose of the orientation program is to:

  • 1. Confirm that the home meets the high quality standards of a Universal Home and to document any minor adjustments that might be needed.
  • 2. To confirm your understanding of the Universal Service Program, schedule, procedure and responsibilities.
  • 3. To describe to you important maintenance items that you have to address during the early months of occupancy.
  • 4. To answer any questions that you might have.

Registration and Moving In
You will get legal title of your new home on the registration of the Sale Deed. Your new home is now really yours and you can move in at any time.

After Moving In
Universal Dwellings is committed to customer satisfaction throughout the home buying process and after. We have established a comprehensive Warranty Service Program to meet your needs. Combined with your own program of simple home maintenance, our Warranty Service Program will assure you many years of satisfaction with your new home.