Shirish Patel & Associates Consultants Private Limited (SPACPL)

SPACPL is one of India's leading civil, structural and project management firms specialising in the construction of multi-storeyed buildings, hotels, industrial structures, bridges, hydraulic & marine structures. Known for the quality and thoroughness of their work, SPACPL have provided structural engineering services for many prestigious buildings and structures across India.

JDAP - design | architecture | Planning

JDAP is a Design, Architecture and Planning firm based in Mumbai, India. Working on a variety of projects across scales and disciplines covering residential, cultural, commercial and hospitality sectors, the firm has been published and awarded both nationally and internationally. The firm works with the principle of "Design that is closer to Nature". This emphasises a wide range of ensuing approaches, key among which is developing the ability through design, to do "More with Less". It sees the Architectural project at its core as an Idea-based one, and seeks to constantly Invent - every project is seen anew with the aim of maximising the Value that is inherent in its Context to the lasting benefit of its various stakeholders and the larger environment.